I do single character drawings for the prices below! More elaborate art, animation, music, for-profit use, etc. can be negotiated for a specific and higher price. Payment is up front. Keep in mind that I won’t draw everything and that I reserve the right to refund your commission if I find it personally unpleasant or uncomfortable. Right now I’m limiting the number of commissions I’ll take to 25 slots per month, 5 per stream

Email to make your request or ask any questions!

If you give a Ko-Fi during streams, I’ll give you a sketch request!

$20 = Single Character Sketch/Shade

$30 = Sketch/Shade/Color Single Character*

$45 = Lineless Full Color/Shade Single Character*

$50 = Lined Full Color/Shade Single Character*

Additional Characters = $10 each**
Elaborate Pose Instructions = $5 extra**
No Reference = $5 extra**
Detailed Background/Props/Elements = $30-$50 extra**

Commissioners unsatisfied with the final result are allowed TWO times to request changes for free. Any additional work will be an extra $5 each time, $10 if the work is extensive (for example, redrawing a hand vs redrawing an entire pose).

*Free simple color background optional. Feel free to ask!
**Cost exceptions for very small/simplified characters or necessary extras